Concare are the main European distributors for the new range of CombiCarts including the UGO and the HELPA, The CombiCarts have been designed to help the operatives work in a safe, secure and efficient manner on the construction site

The CombiCarts are designed to travel over rough terrain, manufactured in such a way that they are robust but lightweight. They are designed to be spacious, even the smallest HELPA COMBICART can carry up to 5 drill boxes and is ideal for carrying other equipment such as extension leads, transformers and tool boxes and light building materials, eliminating the need for multi trips to and from the work van, saving time and money.

Health and Safety statistics show that most accidents on the construction site take place whilst the operative is moving to and from his place of work. By using a COMBICART this risk can be reduced dramatically

The UGO CombiCarts can be converted in to a workstation within seconds, with a range of 12 accessories to choose from that simply bolt on with one quarter turn, helping the operative to work in a safe and organized manner in a challenging environment.


Portable - Safe - Secure
Equipment Storage

Did you know that the vast majority of ‘slip and trip ‘accidents on the construction site happen whilst the operative is carrying tools and equipment across site

What Concare do is offer a range of robust, lightweight COMBICARTS, specially designed for the rough terrain and challenges of the construction site.

So that the operative can move their tools and equipment around site in a safe and efficient manner.

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